Huntington Castle and The Forge, County Carlow, Ireland.


On Tuesday, my mother, my aunt and I decided that we would go on an adventure. They really enjoy walking around gardens such as the "Altamount gardens" which are close by. However, we've visited that place billions of time. So my mam picked up her tourism booklet of Carlow which is within driving distance from our house. Within minutes, we concluded that we'd visit "Huntington Castle" in the village of Clonegall, County Carlow. This was ideally located, just a brief five minute drive to "The Forge" restaurant, a firm favourite of mine and my mother.

I took my camera along with me, to snap all the pictures I could on the ridiculously low battery that remained on it and I decided that I may as well display them on my blog. This was the first time I left my house since returning from university after my summer exams.

The castle is set over 160 acres of garden as well as farm land. Tours are available for both the castle and the garden. However, on that particular day we were unable to get a tour of the house so we opted for the garden. My mother and aunty were charged 5 euro for their browse around the garden. I was charged slightly less as I am a student. It was a beautiful and tranquil place to walk around and I really enjoyed capturing my pictures there.

Further details of Huntington house can be found on their website: 

Afterwards, we headed to one of my favourite restaurants "The forge" which was close by. Although there were tea rooms in Huntington Castle, we felt like a substantial meal for our lunch. I mainly love the restaurant because they make home made rhubarb pies and baked goods which are so satisfying to eat. I really enjoyed my dinner which was some pork and vegetables. However, I managed to eat excessively and felt extremely full afterwards.

If you are ever in Carlow and are interested in heading to this wonderful place, feel free to call in. All of the restaurants details should be available on their website:

Have you been to any nice gardens or restaurants lately?
Please let me know in the comments.

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  1. So beautiful! This looks like my kind of day out. Beautiful scenery and great food, win! x

    1. Awwh thank you very much. If you're ever in the southeast of Ireland or Carlow ask me and I'll advise you on the places to go. There are an abundance of lovely gardens in Carlow :) the forge is such a lovely place for lunch also!

  2. So pretty! I'm so jealous of this opportunity! xx

  3. So jealous! I LOVE castles but I've never had the opportunity to visit one. All of the beautiful places are overseas, it seems! :)

    1. Well come if you are ever in Ireland. :)


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