Blogging Summer Goals!


Hello everybody, it's been awhile hasn't it? 

If you read my last post, I informed you all that I would be inactive on my blogging website due to the end of semester exams. It feels like it has been forever since I last updated, and let me assure you, I missed blogging so much. Sometimes during my revision breaks I had a peek at my own blog to see if there was much activity on it. Anyway, I am now happy to announce that I have finished with my exams for the year and I am very happy with how they went, and I will be able to blog fairly regularly now that I have been let on my holidays.

I thought it'd be a nice idea to let you know the kind of things I have planned for the summer with the "FishnetsxD" blog for the summer. Not only will it make you guys excited for some future updates, but I thought it would be a nice post to begin with after my short blogging break. 

1. I want to incorporate fitness into my blog as well as healthy eating. Generally I am a fairly healthy eater. I consume tasty, nutritious food, but at the same time I don't deprive myself of the odd sweet treat now and again. I am of a normal weight for my height with a BMI of 21.5 which is healthy. However, I do want to get fitter. I have already started going for jogs and walking on my treadmill at home, and so far it feels great. I am really enjoying it. Even though I may feel a bit fatigued after it, I do feel better than I did before hand. Anyway, expect to see a few posts where I'll be updating you on my progress.  It may also be a way for me to motivate myself to keep going and possibly help others who want to get fit. I will also be posting the odd healthy recipe etc.

2. I want to incorporate more Fashion into my blog. In my blog description, I describe myself as a "beauty, lifestyle, fashion and food blogger". I feel like Fashion is the area I focus the least on on this blog. I however want to change this. I would love to try and get more OOTD posts up and if I gather the courage I would also like to make some look books for the summer. It's a long shot at the moment and I don't know if I can avail of the help to aid me in the filming of a look book, but I absolutely love cinematography and I think it would show anybody who reads my blog (no matter where they are!) that I am a real person, who breathes and dresses and has a personality!

3. Interact with other bloggers. This is something I definitely want to do. So if you are a blogger, feel free to follow me on twitter or any of my social media websites, or simply just comment and we can get in contact. We could do a collaboration post or just become friends.

What have you guys planned for the summer ahead?
Let me know in the comments below.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


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  1. I love that you have goals for your blog. I wish you all the luck during Summer!
    I like the idea of a fitness blog :) I hope you do that!


    1. Awwwh thank you Tash :)
      I just think it'll help me motivate myself and others :)

  2. Great Summer goals for you blog doll! I really like all these ideas and once you get started I think it is gonna be amazing :) Can't wait to see it!


  3. Yay, bye-bye exams! :D Welcome back to blogging, looking forward to seeing what you have in store:)

    Style Sunrise ☀


    1. I am looking forward to sharing it all with you :)

  4. Perfect goals for your blog Ellen!!!
    (Tony, my photographer is a young handicapped boy and I 'm very glad that he is so able to take beautiful pictures!!!)
    Happy sunday doll!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

    1. He does such a great job :D
      Thank you :D

  5. Aww great to see you back Ellen. Was thinking the other day I was wondering where you'd been. I really agree with 2 + 3, that's something I really want to do although the idea of look books/outfit posts slightly terrify me haha.

    1. Yeah the idea of putting up a look book not only sounds like so much work but it also is very scary!
      I hope I can do it anyways. :D
      One of my friends will probably help me :)

      Yeah sometimes I am absent from the blogging world but let me assure you, I'll always be back. :)

  6. This is a fantastic list! Hope you make it to where you want to be! xx


  7. This is a really great list - hope you achieve all! xx


  8. I have similar goals! I signed up for the "blog every day in may" challenge and it's been so much fun! When you've got the time, look for something similar! :)


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