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This time last year, I was in the middle of an exam year, for what seemed like the most important exams in my life as they enabled me to attend University. A huge part to some of my subjects last year was project work. I had to undergo a land-use project for geography as well as complete food journals for Home Economics. Despite the amount of times I have mentioned my high achievements in the subject of Home Economics, I failed to mention a practical project I did which was worth 20% of my overall grade. 

As an elective I did Textiles. I am well aware that most schools decide to do social studies; however because my school was small, we were lucky enough to have a choice in the matter as plenty of help was available to us. A major part of this elective was the construction of our very own garments. This was something I was quite skeptical of doing as I am not the most precise person ever! I really wanted to complete the task and not have to change electives.

I asked for a bit of assistance from my aunt who is an art teacher who is a whiz on sewing machines unlike myself. If I didn't have her help there is no way I could have completed the project. 

The theme of the project was to construct a garment which a fashionable 16-19 year old would wear and find in the shops. As a part of this project I researched colours and other elements of style until I found something I was happy with. 

I completely forgot about the garment until I was at home the other day and saw it lying around. 

So I decided that I would take a few photographs and show it off on my blog. 

I really love how it turned out. The red maroon colour is one of my favourite colours and suits my skintone very well. :) The design of the top is also very unique and I am in love with the back and the pearls I put on it!

I would really love to know what you guys think. 
I think the product is very good for the first piece of clothing I ever made. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

As always, I'll see you soon, 
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  1. Wow well done you, this is awesome! Making a top for your first garment ever is amazing! I'm dying to make some skirts in different prints, gotta figure out how to use my sister's sewing machine first! xo

    1. Awwwh thank you! I am so glad you like it. You should definitely put up your final products when you get around to making them!

  2. The fabric is so gorgeous - you did a great job lovely! I've always wanted to start sewing my own garments but honestly my sewing skills are a little horrendous.


    1. Yeah I am not the most precise person ever but I got help and it was worth it in the end! You could always get help off somebody you know. :)

  3. I think it turned out great! I love the color :)


  4. I really like your blog! x x x


  5. This is so amazing, I would love to make my own clothing. This shirt is so cute, love the back detail! Great job :D


    1. Awwwh thanks. I think the back makes it! When I was first making the top I wanted to have details at the front also!!!

  6. Awesome! Love this so much. Hope you have an awesome new week (and month) :)

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  7. Amazing shirt, I love the details on the back!!!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

  8. Oh, it is just too impressing that you have made it yourself! It looks cool. Congratulations!!!!! Have a wonderful week,

    The Flash Window | Bloglovin

    1. Awwwh thanks :) I did get a fair bit of help though!

  9. Thats so awesome, I wish I could do that!!

    check out my newest post


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