France 2015 - Travel Diary 2!


Hello again everybody!!

I really hope that you enjoyed my last post on my experience in the town of Antibes. Today I am going to write on my experiences in Monaco where we went the day after Antibes. Monaco is a longer journey than Antibes was and is much further in the opposite direction and fairly close to the border between France and Italy. It was fairly noticeable as glimpses of Italian were visible in this sovereign city-state. Anyways I hope that you enjoy today's post.

We got up later this day than we did when we were going to Antibes and for some reason it just took absolutely ages to find the bus stop which went to Monaco. In the end, one of the people asked an old couple in French for directions and it turned out the bus stop was a long walk away. When we had gotten to the bus, most of us had to stand! Although the journey was long, tiring and slightly unpleasant, there is really no doubt in my mind that the trip was worth the wait!

 Monaco is absolutely stunning. Although it is quite a flashy place as most people are drowning in wealth, I really did think it was beautiful. We all heard that it was a very expensive place so we were prepared with ready-to-eat packed lunches. The first thing we did was go into a shop to compare the prices of Monaco, Nice and Ireland. It wasn't as expensive as I had initially believed. Most people over-exaggerated how expensive it was. We then headed up to the palace of Monaco which was beautiful and a wonderful place to take pictures and panoramas. There was so much to explore. I seriously felt like I was in "Assassin's Creed" or something as the architecture around the palace was very similar to the game.

When we were hungry, we sat in a small park to eat our lunch. I was absolutely delighted to get some grub into my system as I was so hungry and tired from all the walking we did! Afterwards we decided that we wanted to see Monte Carlo, the capital of Monaco. It was a long walk away also! 

On the way, we encountered many boats, a Japanese Garden (which I took pictures of to inspire my mother who is creating one of her very own at home), Ferrari cars and many casinos. We even attempted to enter the Casino! However a certain dress code was required. Make sure to wear trousers and look suitable if you really want to go in to these kind of places.

I can't express how much I love Monaco and I truly recommend it to anybody! 

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 


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  1. Aw so sweet of you to take the photos for your mam :) and cool she is making a Japanese garden! Again, these photos are lovely :) xo
    amber love

    1. Yeah it is more or less finished but I think a small bridge wouldn't be a bad addition :)


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