France 2015 - Travel Diary 1!


Bonjour tout le monde! 

As some of you may already know, last week I was in France with the French society in my university. I thought it was only fitting to write a few travel diaries on my experience there. I also just want to show you how beautiful the place is with the abundance of pictures I have taken. This may be something that will enthuse you to take the trip to France! Nonetheless I hope you guys will enjoy reading these over the next week!!

 We stayed in a small, student-friendly hostel called Hotel Meyerbeer in Nice which is about 60 meters from the beach, this was an ideal location as it was next door to the most affordable shop I have set eyes on for awhile; "Carrefour". Shops and services such as transport services were within walking distance also!! The transport was great. One would pay 1 euro 50 to go to whichever destination they wanted. I found this shockingly cheap as in Dublin we pay the fare by distance rather than a "one size fits all" kind of fare. Nice is also situated less than 30 minutes away from the airport so there isn't a lot of stress or rush when departing. 

We flew on Tuesday evening, meaning we arrived fairly late. Although we couldn't do much exploring on the first night; we did discover that the alcohol was very affordable. Being students, we took the opportunity to drink on the beach on our very first night! It was a really great way to break the ice with people from college I didn't know before the trip!! 

The very next day, we got up to head to an old town called Antibes which is about half way between Cannes and Nice! I just loved the whole vibe of the place. From the architecture to the tranquil beach.

One of the first places we stopped was for Ice cream! If you've read my travel diary from Italy, you will most definitely know that I adore trying loads of different flavours of Ice cream while I am abroad. I just feel like everything is better when you're abroad. On that particular day I opted for coconut with mango ice-cream which was absolutely fab!

Afterwards, we proceeded to do some further exploration of the beautiful town! We went for a walk and took a vast amount of photos. We discovered in the middle of this walk that there is a Picasso Museum in this town. I was really excited when I found this out! Unfortunately enough it wasn't open at a time that suited us.

We also went to a French Market which sold many different types of food from herbs, to spices, to meat, to fruit and veg. It all looked so beautiful and photo-worthy. Now, I really regret not buying some curry powder or some cheese as they looked so nice. 

When we felt a bit peckish, we got some chips from an American takeaway place we found. I couldn't believe how huge a small portion was. Also, the man serving us was very friendly!

We went to the beach for a bit of relaxation time before we headed back to our accommodation!!

I hope you liked these travel diaries and be sure to stay tuned for more updates on my time in France during the week!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


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  1. Aww seemed like you had a lovely time. The last time I was in France, it was in Paris and I absolutely loved it. But I used to go to France so much as a kid, so it's definitely a place I'm pretty familiar with :)

    1. Yeah Paris is lovely! I've been twice. I feel like it's a place you can revisit again and again! I definitely recommend the south if you haven't been!

  2. Must I say you took some great photos! Looks like you had a great time so far. I've never visited France before, but I would like to keep it on list for other places to travel in the future. I will make sure to keep up to date with your other diaries on the trip. :)

    1. Awwwh thanks so much. :) I just wanted to capture the whole French atmosphere with my photos. I hope you'll enjoy the other diaries too!!

  3. Great photos! I can't wait to go back to France, it's so beautiful and I find that the people are lovely, despite what people say! xo
    amber love

    1. Thanks Amber :) the people were lovely in Nice and I actually got to use my French xD


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