Valentine's Day Couples Guide!


Seeing as I had a recent Valentine's day posts on the LGBT community and the single girls, I thought that I may as well complete the trio by writing a post on what couples could do on Valentines day. I will be celebrating my second Valentines day with my boyfriend Cathal (hi if you're reading!) and I am extremely ecstatic to spend the day with him. We are already a very affectionate couple and spend plenty of quality time together regularly; Valentines day just allows us to do something we wouldn't normally do. Anyways I have put together a array of suggestions on things couples could do this Valentine's weekend or things you could do to surprise that special somebody.

Things couples can do together!

  1. Go for dinner - This isn't the most creative of ideas, but I thought I may as well put it on the list as people would be confused if I didn't put it down! People are going out more and more to restaurants that it's becoming such a banal thing. It isn't as special anymore. However dinner on Valentines day can be something special. Why not turn the phones off and instead of taking a picture of your food for social media, focus your attention on your date, try to have an intimate meal rather than a casual one! If you both dress up a little bit (you don't have to over do it) it might give the date the atmosphere it needs which is totally different to lunch in town.

  2. Take a lush bath together - I don't think I can have a list of things to do without mentioning Lush bath products. To be frank, I sense a bit of an obsession coming along. Honestly though, I imagine sharing a bath to be so romantic. I've never done it personally myself but there is just a whole element of romance to it in my mind.

  3. Go on a picnic together - It will unfortunately be too cold here in Ireland to have those typical spring/summer picnics, but nobody ever said you can't have a winter picnic. They're such a cute idea and great if you don't want to go out for dinner or can't afford it. This is also something you could surprise your partner with. This is totally reminding me of the scene in "The Fault in Our Stars" where Gus takes Hazel on a dutch themed picnic and informs her that they are going to Holland.

  4. Go See a Movie or have a Movie Night in - Movies are a great source of entertainment and with "Fifty Shades of Grey" coming out on Valentine's day, I wouldn't be too surprised if a lot of couples went to the cinema to see it, just because it's an erotic film. Alternatively, you could have an intimate night in with cuddles and junk food while watching your favourite movies.

  5. Go Somewhere - I really like the idea of this suggestion, just to go somewhere. The place being somewhere you rarely go, be it to the beach or on a walk in the park. It's such a great idea to get out in the fresh air and experience something out of the ordinary.

  6. Bake Together! - I love baking and I have baked with Cathal in total about twice. Seeing as there are always valentines recipes available, it'd be ideal if you cooked with your lucky fella or lady!

    Now that my couples suggestions are completed, I will proceed to my suggestions on things you could do for your special somebody!

    1. Make them dinner - This is such a lovely idea if you've the skills, time and patience to prepare a delicious meal for two! If you're a natural cook, I'm sure your partner will be appreciative of a home-made meal placed in front of them. Not only is it more efficient on the budget, it also shows that you put a lot of time and effort in to make your loved one happy.

    2. Write them a letter - With the increased use of mobile devices, letters are rarely written anymore which is why there is something special about getting a handwritten letter from somebody. I used to be a massive fan of writing handwritten letters and it always got a positive response. As for what to write in the letter; I'd advise you to convey how you feel and just write in a spontaneous manner!

    3. Find a jar and paper and write several things you love about your partner down on pieces of the paper and place it on the jar - I think this idea is so simple, yet so effective, not to mention adorable! If somebody did this for me I would most definitely be emotional. It's just a lovely way to demonstrate love and affection!

    4. Make a collage/scrapbook - I think this is the perfect kind of gift to give on Valentines day. I hate the whole idea of spending heaps and heaps of money when it really isn't necessary. I think your partner would appreciate a scrapbook with memories of your time together. You could put pictures, quotes, inside jokes and souvenirs in the book.

    5. Don't tell them you love them, show them you love them! - Sometimes actions speak louder than words and I truly believe in the case of Love, this is true. Whatever you do for your partner, it should show them how much you love them without you saying the three words "I", "Love" and "you"!

    So that is my couples guide for Valentines day! I really hope you guys enjoyed it and found it somewhat helpful!

    As always I'll see you soon,

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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  1. If I had a boyfriend I would so love to go on a picnic it is my most fave thing to do. I would do it all the time LOL :P Great ideas xx

    1. I've never done it. I would love to do it and have an adorable picnic basket!

  2. awesome post! great tips! thanks for sharing it :)

  3. These are all such great ideas! i think my husband and I will just eat dinner at home and watch some Netflix :)


  4. If I had a Valentine this year I would definitely be doing some of these! Haha I'll probably just be staying in this year, and watch some movies with friends! These are great ideas though :)

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

    1. Thank you! I hope you have a great day on valentines!!!

  5. Oh very great ides and tips sweetie

  6. Very informative guide. Thank you!


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