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Cosmetics and make-up looks have developed to a point where there is a strong emphasis on having a very minimal, natural looking products on our faces. Through the inspiration of celebs, the likes of Emma Watson who wears a lot of light make up and youtubers such as Tanya Burr whose made "No make-up, make-up look" tutorials on her channel; there really is no question to why these looks are quite popular. This morning, I was going through my make-up and applying it before my lectures; when I decided to wear something quite discrete and subtle on my skin. That is when the idea popped into my head that I should write a beauty post on products I would use to achieve that natural look that many of us crave. 

The Face: 

Foundation is the pure basis of a make up look. There are plenty of alternatives to them such as tinted moisturiser and BB cream which can be used to craft a natural make up look. I have never tried a BB cream personally, and I really like foundation anyways. My top two foundations would have to be the Benefit "Hello Flawless" foundation, and the Rimmel London "Wake me Up" foundation from the high-street stores. I adore both of these products and in my opinion they both look quite natural on my complexion. They are easy to apply, have a lovely formula and don't come out cake-y on the skin. I loved the "Hello Flawless" one so much and I have almost reached the bottom.

To cover any of my imperfections; the "Wake me up" concealer is the way I go. I love how glowing this makes my under eyes look and that is my primary reason for adoring this product.

I always tend to use a setting powder for my make up, I really believe it makes it more durable. Although I love the "Hello Flawless" powder which is lurking somewhere in my cupboard, I think the "Stay Matte" compressed powder is great for every day use!

I am currently very lacking in lip products. Honestly, this is the only lip product I have. It is pretty natural though and I wear it frequently. I wish it had longer stain power though!


You can add a bit of blush to add that natural flush to your cheeks. My two personal favourites come from benefit!(big surprise!) They are "dandelion" which is a muted pinky colour, this is the colour of a very natural pink cheek in my opinion. The "coralista", as suggested by it's name is more of a peachy-coral colour. Natural looks can be created by both blushes, but I undoubtedly favour "Dandelion" which is reaching pan!


I have reasonably sallow skin and I have always liked that "sunkissed" look, even in winter. Also by adding bronzer it adds so much more depth to your face. I love this "Bourjois" duo of a bronzer and a highlighter. Not only are the pair beautiful in all aspects, but the product smells of chocolate. I have used this several times since purchase and it is another recommendation of mine!!!


Even though we are aiming for a natural look with these products, you could still wear eye shadow. I have four palettes in my collection and for the most part the colours are quite nude and natural. In this part of the blog post I will just show you a few things you can do with the palettes to give it a gorgeous, naked (see what I did there) look!

This is my "Big Beautiful Eyes" palette from benefit which comes with three eyeshadows. It is quite pricey for what you get, but it's a very good palette to make a natural smokey eye when you are on the run and haven't time to mix and match colours on your larger palettes. The fourth larger square is a concealer which always comes in handy!!!

This picture frankly came out terribly which I am dearly sorry for. This is my Barry M "Natural Glow palette 2". It definitely has a few colours you could work with to obtain that freshly "I woke up like this" appearance on your face! It's quite a versatile palette and is very affordable for those of you on a budget.

The Urban Decay "Naked" palettes are specifically designed to be neutral. If I was to go for that look which suggests you're wearing no make up I would definitely opt for the first five colours. The last colours can just add an extra something to your look. The best thing about this palette is probably that you can transform your looks from day to night without too much hassle.

So that is it for the products I would wear to achieve the minimal make-up look.
I really hope that you guys enjoy this one! I'd be really interested to know what products you like to wear when you try to obtain those natural and flawless looks.

I will as always see you soon,

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


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  1. All these products look amazing! =D

    NEW POST on


    1. Awwwh thanks. :)


  2. I need a good foundation! For me it is so hard to find because I am oily and even the non oily seems to not work D: Se jealous you have a good one!
    Love all these make up ideas, love the naked eyeshadow so much :D
    Happy Vday doll, hope you have a fab one xx

    1. Awwwh thank you. Have a lovely day also, whatever you're doing. :)

  3. Wake Me Up foundation is always a favourite for me, especially in the spring/summer time, so I will have to make sure to re-purchase that soon. And the same over here, I'm really lacking on lip products atm, but I actually think I've tried colour rush by rimmel but maybe in a different colour? I found they last a long time for use :)

    1. I just had to purchase the "wake me up" as a day time foundation again! I really want to get a few lip products too just because I lack them!

  4. These are all such great products! I have been loving really simple makeup looks lately - great post! :)

    Kendra | It's a Bug's Life

  5. Really need the naked palette. Looks beautiful!


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