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Several weeks ago, I was contacted and asked to write a post on a campaign named "The Love for All" campaign! When I read about the campaign I gleefully accepted this challenge to write a post for it on my blog!

"The Love For All Campaign" was set up to encourage bloggers to spread the message of love and kindness to those of the LGBT community who in some instances may not be accepted for who they are. Seeing as Valentine's day is just around the corner, I thought now was the perfect time to write this post. Valentines day is just a pleasant reminder that everybody should be loved, regardless of gender, age, sexuality or relationship status. The purpose I have with this post today is to highlight that the members of the LGBT community are just as deserving of love and affection as the rest of us!

Seeing as many friends of mine are homosexual, I thought that this would be a great opportunity to write this kind of a post. Also, this year in Ireland there will be a vote for gay marriage. I most certainly will be voting yes in this, and I encourage anybody with the power to vote, to follow my decision.

Homosexuality, bisexuality and transvestites are mainly known to be condemned in religion. But doesn't the bible state "Love your neighbor as yourself". This doesn't tell us to condemn the LGBTs, it simply tells us to love everyone as we love ourselves, something which suggests that we are all equal which also suggests that members of the LGBT community deserve to be adored like us all.

Transvestites, I assume are the way they are because they aren't comfortable in the body they were born. They genuinely believe they were meant to be the opposite sex. Some opt for sex changes, some don't. All for personal reasons which I have no right to discuss. But, have you ever had a time in your life where you've felt uncomfortable with yourself. It may not be as extreme as this, it may be as little as not liking your thighs. I'm positive we've all felt negative about ourselves at some stage and I don't see why a transvestite should be judged or unloved for that reason.

So why should the community of LGBTs love and be loved in return? I honestly feel very idiotic writing this rhethorical question in my blog post. There is no difference in questioning the love of an LGBT person and the love of a regular person. Physically we are all the same, women all have boobs and lady parts and males have all their men parts.  The only difference is the people we love; some of us like men, some like women and others like both! But how do these choices affect how much we deserve to be loved and our rights as human beings?

I urge anyone in Ireland to vote "YES" in the upcoming referendum in response to the question of gay marriage.

We are at a point where most countries are allowing these people to love and wed. Ireland is on the way to acceptance.

Why can't we all accept!

If you have the time definitely write a blogpost for the love for all campaign!

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