My Real Techniques brushes and what I use them for!


I am so so sorry about my delay in posting. I totally got caught up in College work. I have exams coming up in the next few weeks and had one on Thursday so I was super ultra busy with my preparations for that. I will try to make it up with some more posts for you guys!

Today I thought that I would show you the brushes I have and use for every day makeup application and discuss them in a small bit of detail. So I have five make up brushes which are all from Sam and Nic Chapman's beautiful collection. I feel like every Tom, Dick and Harry in the beauty world has these brushes and rightly so. They are soft, they apply product on well and most importantly they are cruelty free!!

I bought a set of the four orange brushes as I really needed a broad set I could use for everyday application. I was given the pink stippling brush by my housemate in college which I am so grateful for as I use this baby so much!

Although these brushes are given a certain name such as a "buffing brush" or a "contour brush", I have found that these brushes are extremely versatile and can be used for many purposes. This first brush is the "buffing brush". It is wider than the other brushes which I find absolutely ideal for the application of products like Blush and compact powder. 

The next brush is the "contour brush" which is exactly what I use it for. I really love how my bronzer and highlighter has been turning out with this. It's extremely easy to apply bronzer with this and turn the brush in circular motions which acts as a rather effective blending method.

The Real Techniques foundation brush is probably my least favourite of the set. I really don't like the way it applies my foundation. I would much prefer to use my stippling brush for that sort of thing. I have tried applying concealer with this, but frankly I find my fingers are better tools for this!

This cute, minuscule little thing is perfect for tasks which require a bit of precision; the application of lipstick or eye shadows or liners. It's a handy little tool to have and you'll need it more often that you think. 

Finally my favourite brush of the five is the stippling brush. I don't know what it is but I just love it. From the way it feels on my face to the effective application I think this product is a winner. I apply foundation with this. It applies the foundation as little dots on my face and the science behind it just makes it really nice to blend in. I just can't describe it. I have watched a few review videos on this just because I was curious to how others used it. I have heard that some people apply blusher with it meaning it has many many functions.

So this is my small collection of brushes I am beginning to collect. I would love to know what other purposes you can find for these brushes. Also let me know what brushes you recommend.

As always I will see you soon,
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  1. Nice brushes! You have more than me. I have three, one for eye shadow, blush and powder lol


    1. But as long as you are happy with them I think that's all that really matters!

  2. I have four brushes - but I haven't really used them that much simply because I don't want to ruin the way they look haha!

    1. I use mine and then wash them and they come out as good as new! Don't be afraid to use them!

  3. Love the contour brush! x

  4. Good luck with your exams, love xx

    These brushes look and sound amazing! I find it SO hard to find a decent brush, I don't get why it has to be so hard to find a good brush haha :P

    1. Thank you!!! I should probably be doing a bit of study now to be honest!
      Yeah, are these brushes in Canada?

  5. Ooh I loved reading this! I have heard so much about the Real Techniques brushes (and love the ladies who own them - they have such a great YouTube channel!) but haven't gotten around to getting myself a set yet. I'm in the market for new brushes and these will definitely be my next purchase. Good luck with your exams! x

    1. I would definitely recommend these as they give you something to apply everything! It is also relatively inexpensive. Thank you! I should probably be studying right now!

  6. I love these brushes, you have a lovely collection! The foundation brush would have to be my least favourite too!

    Style Sunrise ☀


    1. I agree, I don't think it does itself justice really!!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Amazing! I found these Real Techniques brushes online at iherb, this page has it all CLICK HERE they ship almost everywhere!


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