Is it really worth building up a makeup collection?


Recently I have been watching a lot of Youtube videos which had many beauty gurus showing off their massive collection of cosmetics. I believe I was pretty shocked about how large some of these collections were. Don't get me wrong, I am becoming very enthusiastic about make up and I really want to try various products. But isn't there a point when enough is enough? 

I think some people get a bit obsessed with having stuff and they think that it'll make them happy. I'm afraid not my friends. You don't need to get every single new product just because Lily Pebbles or Tanya Burr has it. I thought that I would list out a few disadvantages of having an array of make up so that those who can't afford a lot of make up don't have to feel so bad. 

1. Makeup Expires!- This is something I truly believe nobody thinks about when they are buying make up to build up a collection. Like food, make up has a use by date which is indicated on the packaging. It'll say 6m or 12m or 24m depending on how long the products last. Out of a few products I have on hand, I can tell you that blusher will last from 6-12 months, lipsticks 30 months, foundation 6-12 months. These are only guidelines nonetheless. If you store and take care of your make up well they can last longer. There's no point opening a product you will only use twice in a year and then having it go bad on you!!! 

2. It costs A LOT of Money! - There's no denying that make up can cost a lot of money. It's not only the high end brands that can do a lot of damage to the credit card. Drug store products can have a pretty big impact on your finances too. I remember once I was in boots and I was buying what I thought were a few basic essentials and it ended up costing me 40 euro. There is really no need to buy two different types of foundations to compare and contrast them. You should really buy one, use it up and wait til then to buy another. 

3. Products are forgotten about when your collection grows so large - In every one of these videos I have watched, the beauty vloggers have admitted on screen to forgetting about products when they went through their collection. I remember watching Zoella's video where she admitted that she had forgotten about a lipstick that she once loved. I would just hate to forget about my "hello flawless" foundation or another dearly loved product!

4. Make up can take up a lot of space - When you've a large amount of makeup, there is no doubt that it begins to invade your space. This means that you will need to purchase (or make) some kind of storage unit for your products. This not only costs money but it takes up more space in your room or where ever you choose to put your makeup. 

I just don't see the point in having ten mac blushes, ten bronzers and ten foundations if you can only enjoy them once in a blue moon. I'd really advise people who want to build a small collection to just decide on a point when enough is enough!

I really hoped you guys liked this post, 
This is just a bit of advice for people who think they need to have that new product when really it's a want!

I'll as always see you soon, 

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  1. You're completely right about the huge collections, in my opinion you need to have some of the basics but not lots of extra stuff.

    1. I totally agree! :D
      I don't get the point in having a dupe of something either when it has the same colours as the original etc. :)

  2. Gaaahhh I love this post! I had actually thought of writing something similar ages ago, but I chickened out 'cos I was worried I'd get beef from argumentative beauty bloggers! Is it OK if I share this post? I want to put it into my next Bookmarked post if that's OK with you? I'm glad someone has said it 'cos I agree, and it's possible for them to be beauty bloggers without buying so much stuff! I see so many blog sales with unused stuff like what was the point of buying it?! And you're so right, who needs more than one foundation?! I'll never understand that!! xo

    1. Awwwh I am so glad you liked this post!!! :D
      Of course you can share it!!! :D I'd love more people to read this!!
      I have four foundations, two which actually belong to my mom but I brought them to Uni incase I needed them, one high end foundation and one of my favourite drugstore ones. I think that's enough. I don't feel the need to try anymore until I am finished with them. :)


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