Lush Massage Bar Review:Each Peach (And Two's a pair)!


I get dry skin now and again so I definitely need a good moisturiser. Nothing is worse than that irritating feeling you get when the dryness occurs and you immediately want to moisutrise it so it'll be lovely and soft. 

This is something that the Lush Massage Bars are designed to do and that is why I picked one up on my latest shopping trip. I picked up Each Peach (And Two's a pair)! which I thought I would review today on my blog. This is my second ever massage bar from Lush, the other being the "Hottie" massage bar which resembles a chocolate bar!!! I have only had good experiences with these products. 

Lush has a gigantic variety of massage bars, many which I would love to try. They come in so many scents, shapes and sizes. That day, I was particularly attracted to this product for two primary reasons; firstly it has a beautiful floral design which I instantly fell in love with. I just thought that it was so pretty! Secondly, the scent. The smell of this massage bar is so fruity. It actually has a very strong scent which has lingered throughout my room at this stage. I do not have a tin or any means of storing this item which explains why it has spread. I adore this smell and it is particularly refreshing when I arrive home from a day of lectures. 

This product basically melts from the heat of your hands and body. So once you feel that creamy consistency, you can begin to rub this into your skin. It is so soft and it feels great after a lovely shower. That is when I have been applying this! I definitely prefer the shape of this product to "Hottie". As "Hottie" was in a chocolate bar shape it was very breakable, I did break it once or twice and I lost some of the pieces of that massage bar. This shape is in an oval shape, like a soap and Lush offers special little oval tins for them. Although I didn't buy a tin, I still think my product is less precarious and is easier to apply!

The only downside to this product is that you have to wait for it to dry into your skin before you can get dressed. I guess this applies with most moisturising products. 

Over all, it is a very good product. I would give it a 4/5. It does the job. My skin smells great, feels soft and moisturised after application. That's all one can ask for!! As for how long it lasts, I am unsure. I will be sure to keep you guys posted on that detail! 

This product retails for 7 pounds sterling and is available here!

Thank you guys for reading and as always I will see you later. :)

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  1. sounds lovely!


  2. ahh this is wonderful :) have a lovely day!!


  3. Oh sounds so good! That dry feeling is like the worst! I hate when you try EVERYTHING and it never goes away, plus it gets so patchy and itchy too I find, glad to hear this works. Still looking for these bad boys, I WILL FIND ONE! hahaha :P

  4. They should be in lush cause that's where I got it like. :)

  5. Never tried a massage bar from Lush, they sound really nice though, might pick one up sometime soon hehe xo

    1. You really should. I assure you that you'll like this!

  6. This sounds so good, I need to try it. Thx for the great review, Ellen.

  7. 4 out of 5 is a great score, it sounds like a great product!


  8. been looking for a new one for ages so I definitely think I'll check this out! Do you prefer this one or Hottie? <3

    1. I prefer this one. But Hottie is really good too! I got it mainly cause it looked like a chocolate bar and I thought it was cute!!


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