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Today I am coming to you with a post about drinking alcohol, something I'm quite familiar with; yet time and time again I end up making countless mistakes whilst consuming the deadly substance. Last Monday, which was my first day back in college and is famously known as "Black Monday" was when one of my last mistakes occurred. "Black Monday" is a day where every student (In Dublin anyway), goes crazy, gets too drunk because they've been absent from college life for four or five weeks and it's our way of welcoming ourselves back, I guess. I'm a little different. I do drink, I do go out; it's actually a great reason to get my new Naked palette out and experiment with my eye make up! What's different about me is that I am almost scared to get drunk.

It's not the whole being drunk thing that frightens me! It's the getting sick, the wasting of other people's time who are trying to help you and of course the reminders of it the next day, be it by word of mouth or the dreaded social media, the likes of "Snapchat" mainly. It can be embarrassing. That is why I do like to try and limit myself and be sensible.

I tried to drink sensibly on "Black Monday" also. I had a litre bottle, with a mixture of 750 ml of 7up free (I don't need the sugar or the calories) and the harmful substance which is known as Vodka. I thought that would be fine! There was far more fizzy stuff than vodka sure. However, I was wrong!

I went to "Prinks" which is a combination of the words "pre" and "drinks" at my friends' house. Most students pre-drink as it is better financially. Drinks in the night clubs can be awful costly and can conjure up a bit of debt! The cheaper option is to drink beforehand.

At "Prinks" we played a drinking game kings which is designed to get alcohol into your system rather quickly. One of my friends Robert arrived slightly later. I vaguely remember him saying "I need to catch up", meaning that he needed to consume what he had before we left or meaning that he had to catch up on me who was about to feel like dying. Did he really want that?

What came next was a rather violent scene of me vomiting into a plastic bag and going from that to resting my head on the soft surface of the couch I was sitting on, just shutting my eyes for a moment and then tilting my head back towards the bag.

The realisation that you've just puked in one of your friend's houses from pure drunkness, doesn't really hit you until the next morning, when you're trying to rewind the tape of your memory and remember what the hell happened. You see story after story on Snapchat of people who also went out having fun and feeling the exact opposite to yourself who at this stage regrets a lot of your behaviour.

Personally, being drunk comes so suddenly, although the signs were apparent. My hand eye coordination had come to a hault midway through kings. I could have just stopped then, but I wasn't in the most sober state then. Drunk minds like to think they are sober and proceed to the task at hand. You know you've had enough fun when your friends gather and decide to take you home. Luckily these friends weren't going out and I hadn't spoiled their night completely.

This causes a lot of questions. How do you limit yourself and when is enough enough? I have made several mistakes in the past with alcohol and to this day I haven't come up with a proper solution to it. Well, I guess wine is a better option than vodka. I was fine the last time I had wine and mixed it!

If anyone reading, sensibly limits themselves and succeeds with that I would really be interested to hear how you manage it. Inform me in the comments or by any of the social media I have left in the sidebar.  I am a very petite girl with a very low tolerance to alcohol. I don't like Chinese food either, maybe it's my own stomach that is my enemy. On the bright side, I arrived home in tact and had the same amount of money I had that afternoon!

Has anybody had very bad experiences with Alcohol?
Have you found a solution to your Alcohol derived problems?
Let me know in the comments.

 Thank you guys for reading and as always I will see you later. :)

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  1. We don't drink, it really doesn't appeal to us. It scares us the fact that you can get so drunk you can't remember anything.


    1. That's if you drink way too much. The whole point is to find a limit that is comfortable for you. Drinking acts as a very good ice-breaker. :)

  2. My dad had some alcohol problems when I was younger so I never wanted to drink because I hated what it did to him. I'm 22 now and can legally drink but still choose not to! I'm always the weirdo at parties with the soda or water haha ;)


    1. Well at least you get involved at parties!!! :) I think people should try and limit themselves if they choose to drink!

  3. I try to keep a tab of how much I'm drinking, as I'm also petite and very much a lightweight. So for every 2 drinks (literally a glass, don't cheat yourself by saying a giant bottle is one), I balance it out with a glass of water. You really need water on a night out to keep your system intact the next day. Plus, it means you're already hydrated so you won't be as eager to down the next drink. You can literally just mark it down on a notebook or calculator app on your phone- it's discreet if you don't want to be labelled a "dry shite" for not drinking that much. I've gone out totally sober, it's not really that much craic. It's really just about learning when you get to that pleasant tipsy stage where you can dance without feeling self-conscious but when you're still aware of how much you've drunk.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I really appreciate it. When I drank a litre of water on my last hangover it actually helped me so much. When I have a bottle of wine mixed with 7up I am normally grand. Vodka is often the substance that has me destroyed.

  4. I actually don't drink at all, not really sure why, but it's never appealed to me and I really can't stand the taste of alcohol - it makes me feel quite unwell. But I find even though I don't drink, I can still let myself go at parties because of the atmosphere, so it's not really an issue for me, although I do get judged a lot because of it.


    1. A lot of people who have commented on this post don't drink for some reason.

      I just posted this because I want to find ways to drink sensibly. I find drinking is a great ice breaker. I choose to drink but I want to sensibly!

  5. I don't drink that much anymore, I think I had more than my fair share when I was younger haha. I deffo had a much higher limit when I was 15 than I do now at 19! My worst time was when I drank a whole bottle of malibu to myself (40% spirit hhmm not great) not sure how I didn't end up in hospital but after throwing up my parents had to pick me up and apparently before falling asleep I kept asking "where are Ron and Hermione?" I was convinced I was Harry Potter :'D

    I only don't drink so much now 'cos I'm so busy I don't have time to go out, or time to have a whole day hungover in bed haha. I'm pretty good at knowing my limits now, I have to watch myself drinking anyway 'cos it increases anxiety and depression. The lack of control has brought on panic attacks occasionally, but I think in those situations I would have had the panic attacks with or without the alcohol. Sometimes I think feeling sick from it comes from having too much liquid in your stomach at once rather than the amount of alcohol.

    Fab post, really interesting to read :) xo

    1. As my housemates say to me "it happens to everyone". I really wanted to post a post like this as I wanted to be honest about myself and what I'm doing.

      When I'm hungover I go into class anyways because attendance is important to me.

      For me I think drinking decreases social anxiety as it's a great ice breaker and causes me to relax more. It's best to drink to the point where you're having fun rather than getting sick.

      I am so glad you found this post really interesting. :)

  6. Nice post, important topic!
    Have a nice day!
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

  7. Thanks for writing about such a serious topic! so needed this x

    NEW POST Jennos Health.

    1. It's really important to drink with moderation which is why I wanted to write this post. I have made the mistake too frequently. :)

  8. It sounds so bad, but it really is a learning process. I've been of legal drinking age for quite a few years now and it took a lot of time to learn my tolerance and cutoff points, but luckily, I've gotten much, much better at it, especially after several very, very bad incidents. The best advice is always, always to take it slow and drink a LOT of water! And as always, make sure you're in a safe environment!

    1. I am very lucky I have some good friends who have minded me when I was at my worst!


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