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I was introduced to this extremely cheap and affordable clothing website through watching the videos of the beautiful youtuber Marzia, known also as cutiepie on Youtube as well as the girlfriend of the extremely popular Pewdiepie on youtube, who has over 13 million subscribers as I recall.

I must admit that I am in love with Marzia's style. It's quite vintage and girly, two aspects that can sometimes be seen in my own style and aspects that I really admire in someone else's fashion sense. I am constantly watching and anticipating this girl's fashion haul videos as they are inspiring and she always manages to pick up items that are completely unique.

My problem with many of the haul videos I watch is that the items can be quite costly. Believe it or not it can be extremely difficult for an unemployed university student in the middle of her studies to get her hands on cash unlike those on youtube who are getting sponsored by various stores and paid for every 100 view on their youtube videos. That is why I got very excited when I first saw Marzia's "affordable haul" from dresslink. My problem was more or less resolved, I could pick up quirky items for less than ten euros each! What a bargain! Just as good as Primark!

It was when I saw her second haul video that I was adamant in trying the website out for myself. Upon watching the video, I swiftly made my way to the dresslink website where I browsed the store for awhile until I found some things I'd be willing to try out. I will display photos of them below! Don't worry!

The only problem with this website is that it is an Asian site. Therefore the delivery price will be half of your expense on the website. Also it may take up to one month for your delivery to arrive. Nonetheless, it's always great to try something out once. I am now going to put some images of the clothes and things I have ordered from them. I'll be impatiently awaiting the arrival of these things which will undoubtedly add to my autumn/winter wardrobe. I'll possibly have corresponding posts to this in the forseeable future, letting you know my thoughts on the quality etc of the items.

If you are wondering whether or not you should purchase something on this website, I'd advise you to try it out at least once.

I'd love to know what you guys have been purchasing this season. Be sure to let me know.
I'll see you soon,
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

I chose this pastel jumper because I thought it was absolutely adorable. I'm going through a phase of loving pink and it just looked like something I would wear. You probably won't find it on the high street!

If you didn't know already, I am absolutely obsessed with cats. When I saw this t-shirt I cried of a cuteness attack. It is such a cute and casual t-shirt. The bow again adds a girly touch! It'd be lovely with jeans, leggings, skirts or just about anything else! 

 I fell in love with this cardigan when I saw it. As I stated previously, I am LOVING pink currently. The coloured buttons and pockets make this cardigan stand out. It'd look beautiful paired with jeans and any top really! So excited for this one!

This grey top is fairly simple. A different, sophisticated quality is added through the black lace. This is the kind of piece one could use to appear to make more effort in their outfit than they really have!

I also bought some fairy lights from the website but I failed to find the image of them.

I really hope you enjoyed this post guys. Be sure to leave a comment down below! :)

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    1. Really glad you like my choices. :)

  2. I was going to try this shop but i became sceptical of the idea and I still was before reading this post. I think I may have to purchase a few goodies now you've tempted me!
    Lovely post and great picks!


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