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I don't know about you, but for me, midterm exams are just about to approach. For many people this is where they enter panic mode. Those initial few weeks of work didn't seem as massive until you opened your text book and came to the conclusion that there was a lot more to learn than you originally thought.
Having completed the Leaving Certificate State Exams this year; study techniques are still fairly fresh to me. I have been using various techniques and I thought it could be helpful to those who are struggling to revise. There are many things you can do to remember things, so I'll begin with many of my several tips which sailed me through the Leaving Cert. and granted me my place here in University College Dublin.

TIP 1 : Using Internet Resources

UCD as well as many other universities world wide have great internet resources. The college uses a thing called Blackboard where lectures can share power point presentations, notes and help documents which can benefit many students. I, personally don't use the internet for my revision. I use it mainly for taking down things I missed the chance to take down in lecturers. But it might work for different people.

TIP 2: Highlighting 

Highlighting is only effective for certain things. I like to highlight material from my experiments such as steps in the method or background information which may help to broaden my understanding of the experiment. Also, this helps me to know what I'm doing and when I'm doing it. Highlighting large chunks of writing can prove to be counter-productive. It's undoubtedly more effective to highlight key words which trigger the memory and help you to remember what the word represents etc.

TIP 3: Compiling teacher/lecturer notes. 

Some lecturers or teachers can make very readable and attractive notes which make life a lot easier for students. This was definitely the case with one of my substitute Home Economics teachers in 5th year and may well reason to why I got an A in the subject. If you find the notes your teacher/lecturer writes up understandable enough for you to learn from them there is definitely nothing wrong with using them in your studies.

TIP 4: Making your own Notes. 

If something is written in your own words as opposed to those of your lecturer or teacher you are 100% more likely to remember it when it needs to be remembered. Another trick I like to use to remember things is to write down jokes that were said purely for the purpose of explaining some things. An example of this is when my chemistry lecturer was explaining electronegativity and made a remark that all the girls would be more attracted to Brad Pitt than him.

TIP 5 : Flash Cards and sticky-notes! 

The use of flash cards are probably one of the most popular methods of study I could think of. It's obvious why! They are quick, simple and to the point. You have all the vital information shoved into one area rather than a large text book predominantly filled with excess material which has no use to anybody! Flash cards are extremely handy for definitions or things you need to remember in general!

TIP 6: Walk around and talk like a weirdo!
I don't do this anymore. But it used to be fairly effective for me when I used to cram a lot of information in to that head of mine. I used to walk around my room and repeat definitions and stuff aloud until I could say it with ease and confidence. It was just a method of learning things off. It was used primarily when learning quotes and poetry!

Finally, page markers are also very handy for marking pages of importance!!
I really hope that this post helped a lot of you guys out. If you are sitting a few exams very soon like me, I wish you the very best of luck! Hopefully this will help you tackle them.

Be sure to leave a comment and some recommendations if you have any.
I'll see you very soon!
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    1. Awh I'm glad you think so. Let anyone doing exams know. :)

  2. these are great tips
    Uni tests are so hard :(


    1. Hope these tips will help you through the exams!

  3. beautiful!
    Kisses from Miami,

  4. HAHA I love tip #6... I used to do that all the time. Saying it out loud or even just whispering it out loud always helped me remember things :)


    1. It is a very quick method though. :)

  5. Thankfully my exam days are OVER and I must admit that I do not miss it at all. LOL!

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. Yeah they are so god darn annoying -.-

  6. good tips! i have my exams soon and im beyond nervous :D I'm a total highlighter junkie -- but ill be sure to lessen it to the most important points now :D
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    Us bloggers should support each other ^_^

    1. Heyyah :D
      Good luck with your exams. Just remember to do your best. :3 I'll go and check your blog out and if I like it I'll follow it and you can follow me too :3

  7. Great post and I wish you luck! Just remember to get the balance right and to not overdo it :)

    Style Sunrise☀



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