How to live cheaply in College/University!


It is often essential for university students like myself to live on a budget and have a certain control on their expenditure as well as their spending constraints.

This week, I have somehow managed to only spend 3 euro (It's Wednesday), so I thought I'd share a few tips on how to save money so that you can treat yourself every once in awhile! After all the hours of hard work put into your college-work, you most definitely deserve a weekend treat!
This week I am treating myself to some Vodka for a house party I was invited to as well as a prospectively LUSH meal in Nandos where I have never been before this Friday with my boyfriend.

Without further interruption, I'll continue with my tips for my fellow peers. I hope you enjoy them!

TIP 1: Try to bring as much from home as you possibly can!

When I am in my family home, I tend to rummage around the place for uneaten food that I can take with me to college. This week I brought tonnes of stuff, 2kgs of couscous, a bag of pasta, pot noodles, rice.. you name it and I'll most likely have it. When I do this, I avoid having to pop to centra to buy things (except for milk which goes nasty really easily). Hence I am not spending as much as I would have if I didn't have food. It also isn't a bad idea to go for a big shop on a regular basis with your parents. I went to Aldi with my mother and added my necessities to her trolley and didn't contribute a penny.

TIP 2: Try to get FREEBIES!

I've learned as a first year that college (University College Dublin for sure) is FREEBIE CENTRAL! There's always some sort of bargain available to the financially limited student. Societies, Clubs and companies of all kinds are frequently around, handing out free things to promote things. Yesterday I got a yummy healthy lunch from AIB bank. This was purely to promote "The lunch box scheme" and healthy eating in college. It was absolutely delicious and most importantly free!! I also attended an event "Gaelgáirí" which was organised by An Cumann Gaelach. I obviously went because I love Irish. The free Pizza was just an extra incentive!!!

TIP 3 : Limit your trips to the ATM!

It's very important to be conscious of what you're spending. You don't necessarily have to write out a budget plan or the likes. The main thing is to have a general idea of how much you spend. I try to have one ATM trip a week and take out 40 euro. That is the absolute maximum I give myself to spend on alcohol, food and necessities for the week. I will only take out more if I feel it is absolutely necessary. An example of this is when I had to buy a chemistry textbook which was 70 euro. There's no point wasting all of your money on pointless crap you don't really need.

TIP 4: Don't go out all the time!

Although drinking alcohol is probably a large part of college it isn't necessary to go out the whole time. Going out comes at a price which can be shockingly expensive. Taxi prices hit the roof after midnight comes and the prices for alcohol aren't very accommodating to limited students. I personally prefer a night with friends drinking at a house party or even a chill night in watching a movie. It's by far cheaper and more enjoyable as you are with people whose company you cherish as opposed to the packed night clubs of Dublin city. I'm not totally against going on nights out for the record. I just think they can impact heavily on your finance.

These are my main tips. I try to be fairly strict on myself as I don't want to be broke by the end of semester two. I hoped these tips helped you in some way.

I hope you liked the post.
I'll see you soon!
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  1. Great tips, I'm a student now so I really need to budget!

  2. I don't live in a dorm or apartment but I still find saving money a hard thing to do in college. Thanks for these tips!

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    1. You're welcome. I hope they helped you out!


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