Autumnal desk set-up!


Halloween is just around the corner. It's the perfect time to snuggle up under thick blankets to keep warm in the cold. I for one love Halloween; the candy, the joyous children frolicking around in their "scary" costumes "trick or treating".
When I came home from university last weekend, I went rummaging around the house for decorations for the campus accommodation. Unfortunately, luck wasn't on my side. My mother most likely threw out any old spooky pumpkins and ghost lights we had when we were younger as we are all A LOT OLDER now! I only managed to find a pumpkin candle and a small witch figurine which I won in primary school for writing the best Halloween poem in my class.

So I won't be having a cool and exciting post showing some spooky decorations. Instead, I thought I'd show you how I made my desk look a little nicer. Lights really go a long way when you want to give an area a romantic autumnal kind of feel. That was my aim.

I'll leave you with a few photographs of my desk area. I just managed to make the place look a little more festive through the addition of lights.

I really hope you all will enjoy this post and I'll see you all soon.
x x x x x x x x x x

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  1. Nice blog Ellen. I've added you to my 'Bloggers' circle on G+ and will visit again.

    1. Awwwh thanks. I'm so happy you like it :)


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