Skin Care Regime!


During sixth year at school, I wasn't in a proper routine in regards to my skin. I suppose one could say I was too preoccupied sticking my head into books and feeding my brain with knowledge for the big leaving cert exams. Once the summer came I was determined to take better care of my skin.

I stuck to my word and now my skin feels softer than ever. Spots are virtually invisible also! In this post I'll share with you a few things I did to improve my skin's condition.

Water intake
I started to drink a lot more water. Water keeps you hydrated but also helps the condition of your skin. I drink 2 litres everyday and sometimes more. I know that this can be hard for some people. It was easy enough for me because we have these huge glasses that are about 500 ml. Therefore I only needed four big glasses a day. I would drink one glass with each of my meals in the day and a fourth glass at a random point during the day. Another tip is to have a glass by your bedside table so you can sip on it every so often *sips on water*.

Skin Routine
Getting into a proper routine with your skin is most definitely the most essential step to getting clearer skin. There is an abundance of products readily available that produce healthier skin. Examples of products are Simple, Neutrogina and Clearasil. I've tried some of these. I currently like a Neutrogina and Clearsil wash. They are easy to use and they make your skin feel refreshed.

Dietary changes
For me this was personally the hardest thing to do. I am in a constant battle with myself in the attempt to eat healthier. It can be difficult when you've a sweet tooth and get cravings for takeaways now and again. For the most part I do eat pretty well and I believe it is helping with the overall appearance of my skin. I've increased my fruit intake through drinking fruit smoothies. I have another blogpost on how I make fruit smoothies called "Fruity Tips" > 
I believe that because fruit have a lot of water in them they are assisting my skin.
I have also stopped eating food that is so greasy like bacon. Although I do miss my bacon sandwiches I find that chicken and eggs are a better source of protein.

do you guys have any tips in terms of skin care, I'd love to hear from you.

See you soon,
X x x x x. 

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  1. Your so right! water is so important! thanks for sharing hun! followed of course :) You've got a fantastic blog

    Jennos Health.

    1. I have noticed a dramatic difference because of it. Awh thank you I am so chuffed. :)

  2. Aww thanks for reminding me I need to drink water more! I really needed this! You look pretty and I love your curls, I always wanted to curly hair!


    1. No problem :) haha curly hair can be a nightmare.


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