My foundation collection!


I recently noticed that I have a lot of different foundations. I thought it'd be pretty cool to show you the ones I do have and give you an insight on what I think of them all.

I suppose we will start from left to right. The first one is a very cheap one which was bought for me as a present. I don't wear it at as the shade "Buff Beige" is undoubtedly too dark for me. This is Max Factor smooth effect foundation. I'll wear it if I ever get super super tanned! 

Next in line is the NYC all day long smooth skin foundation. You may have noticed that I have two of these. They last for 14 hours which is good. I haven't worn these as much but I am intending on doing so when my Rimmel London one runs out.

In the middle is the most expensive and gorgeous of my foundations. If is the Benefit Hello Flawless foundation. I've been addicted to this. I bought this in Brown Thomas in Dublin along with the "Hello Flawless" powder. I forget what tone it is but it gives a very warm look on my skin. It feels great on and I love love love it! 

Lastly we have my most worn foundation. Some would describe this as a classic. It is the "Rimmel Lasting Finish" foundation. This is a very durable foundation lasting for 25 hours. You never have to worry about topping up your foundation during the day! I find it fairly similar to the Rimmel London "Wake me up" foundation which I believe is in a newer collection. I would highly recommend this or the "wake me up" for everyday wear. 

most of my foundations, excluding the benefit one are available at affordable prices. Anyone can get these and look great! 

I'd love to know what foundations you guys are wearing.

See you soon,
x x x

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