Five days of outfits, an insight into my style


This post is long over-due since I, like most girls absolutely adore fashion. From buying clothes, to accessoring, to keeping up with the newest trends, I am literally obsessed. I thought it would be a really nice idea to show my readers a few outfits I have worn on five random days. I think this is just an outfit of the day post taken to a new level and on a larger scale. It's also a great way to give people an insight to my fashion sense and the type of clothes I wear!

Outfit 1: Summer Pastels.
Pink crop knit jumper -
blue high waisted shorts -
Flower crown - Italy

This first outfit is quite childish and youthful. I thought it would be a cool idea to put two colours that pop in the same way to form an outfit. The floral head band on top adds to the youthfulness of the outfit as well as a sense of cuteness.

Outfit 2: Bad Ass Tartan and denim mix!

Denim Crop Top -
Tartan Skirt - Glasgow
Black cropped jacket - gift
Lace leggings -
Black heels - pinky (Waterford)

I was really inspired to form this outfit after browsing pictures of people wearing tartan with denim. There is something appealing about putting these two kind of things together in an outfit. The best thing is that denim and tartan will never go out of style! I added the jacket for warmth, the heels for height and the leggings to feel less exposed. If you wanted a more punk look you could wear  a black leather jacket, black creepers or boots with this ensemble!

Outfit 3: Pretty and bohemian!
 Kimono - Pinky (Waterford)
Dress - Heatons
Wedges - Barratts
Floral crown - Italy

This outfit is by far my favourite. There is something flowy and elegant about it. The peaches in the kimono blend extremely well with the pink in the top half of the dress. The floral crown again adds some youthfulness to the whole look. I think this would be the perfect thing to wear on a summer's evening out!

Outfit 4: Lazy and Casual!

Jumper - Penneys/primark (I tried to crop it a little)
Floral leggings - 

Sometimes there's days when comfort is your biggest priority. Leggings are the perfect thing to wear on days like this. I paired my colourful leggings which had a few pops of blue with a blue knit jumper from penneys. I did try to crop the jumper a but more by cutting it and re sewing it to the bottom part again (by hand). I'm still unsure whether or not I like it as it is very obvious that it has been tampered with.

Outfit 5: Skater Skirt bliss!

T Shirt - BT2 (Dublin)
Skater Skirt -
Shoes - Car Boot sale ( Brand new for the record).

This look enhances a loose and boxy t shirt by adding a little femininity with the skater skirt. The dark maroon of the skirt ties in well with the colours at the end of the triangular design. I tucked the t shirt into my skirt to make the look neater. I thought a pair of neutral black shoes would also compliment the outfit nicely.

So these are five outfits I had worn. I really hoped you liked this post as it took more effort than other posts to remember to take pictures of my outfits for five days.

Please let me know in the comments section below which outfit was your favourite.

I'll see you soon. Talk to you later!
X x x x x x x x x x 

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