CAO offer and fresh beginnings!


This morning at 6 o' clock, applicants of the CAO system received their offers, myself included. I felt a similar sensation of anxiety filling my stomach as I did on Wednesday morning when I received my leaving cert results. 

I was awake, eyes wide, two hours prior to offers. A poster on had a copy of a page with the minimum point requirements to access one to certain courses from the Irish independent. I was definitely curious when i saw this on twitter. My future was on the internet on a link a poster had shared. I scrolled through many pictures until I came to the course list of University College Dublin (UCD), my preferred college. I fell in love with the place on my visit in November. I finally saw it, food science. Right beside it was the minimum points which read 490. The course increased by a further 20 points. Reading that number crushed me for a second. Any hope I had for getting this course had vanished in an instant. I continued searching again, in fear that I hadn't received my second offer in UCD for Agricultural Science. Beside Ag. Science read 465, the exact number of points I had from my exams. Later that morning the offer for Ag. Science was confirmed and I accepted it.

This is a course I would never have expected myself to get into in a million years. It most certainly is going to be different to anything I have done before in school. I'll be introduced to sciences I am no longer familiar with like physics and chemistry as well as having a class which is the same size as my secondary school. Life is full of surprises and I'm hoping I'll love this course as much as I would have loved Food Science.

What matters is that I have gotten into third level education. As daunting as it may be, it was well needed. I need to get out of my shell, live with and meet new people and continually grow more independent. I am happy to say that I am now a UCD student and I am starting a fresh canvas of adventures there!

I hope to put updates on this blog about my adventures.
I hope everyone is happy with their offers.

See you soon,
x x x x x 

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  1. Congratulations :) I should imagine that a 20 point hike shocked a lot of people. Don't forget that there is always the second round of offers.


    1. I doubt I'll get a second round offer but there isn't any harm in checking it out! food science is a course growing in popularity to be honest. I'm happy enough nonetheless. :)

  2. Congrats on getting into university, you will love it! Your course sounds really interesting as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Awwh thank you! I really hope I like it. :) are you in college yourself?

  3. Loving the little fairy lights. Too cute!
    they add a very personal feel to the room.
    Hope you're enjoying college!


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