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 Change isn't necessarily a bad thing! I needed a change of scenery last week and I therefore gave my room a small re-vamp! By re-vamp I mean I moved my furniture around just to give my room a different feel to it! I thought it'd be a cool idea to show you my room through photographs. It's almost like a room tour! I hope you enjoy! I'd love to know what you guys have in your room and if you have any ideas in terms of interior design or decor; especially seeing as I will have a new room in University (hopefully!) in much need of decorations. Anyways, for now enjoy the tour!

Love you lots, see you soon,

x x x x

This is a chest of drawers which is positioned beside my bed. On it are things which I use a lot such as my tablet, my mirror, my notebook, bedside lamp and cup for water.

This is the end of my bed which has some stuffed animals sitting there along with a long pillow-like item with cats (I love cats! hahaha).

Behind my bed is a clothing rail where I put items such as jackets,  dresses and kimonos which should be hung up with a clothes hanger.

This is my bookcase. I used to read a lot when I was younger which is why there are so many Jacqueline Wilson books here!

                    This is a picture of my room from this angle when I am standing at my door.

I thought I'd show you whats on my wall. Currently I have one complete photo board which is on the right side of the photo. Another picture board which is half complete is on the opposite side. Finally there is a poster of Olly Murs in the middle!

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  1. Your bedroom looks so nice! Its so sweet and innocent! I am a book-worm hehe, and I loved Jacqueline Wilson she is a great author! I love the personal touch of the Olly Murs poster, also I also do move a lot of things around! I am having my room redone, am painting it white/creme, with one wall with a floral wallpaper so excited! Because right now its my childhood bedroom! Great post Ellen, loved it :)

    Rebecca | Blog

    1. Haha thank you very much. I hope I gave you some ideas for decoration. I'd love to see how your room looks when the painting is finished. Yeah my room isn't exactly what youd expect an 18 year old to have. I'm glad you liked my post. :)

    2. Yeah you defiantly did! I'm thinking of having a book shelf inspired by your room!

    3. Well I am happy I inspire somebody. My dad made that bookshelf haha. :3 something cool to do would be to paint a bookcase in a pastel colour like mint or something. :)


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