Packing for ITALY!!! :)


  A family holiday is a rare thing for my family. The last time we traveled abroad (excluding family visits to the north of England) was before I started secondary school. I was twelve. We flew to Bordeaux in the bottom half of France, a place where we rented a house an hour or so from the airport. The two and a half week holiday soon became boring as there weren't enough amenities around to satisfy our needs. I predominantly spent my time playing ludo or swimming in the glorious swimming pool. Tomorrow we are heading to Italy, the north specifically near the Lake Garda. I am going on this trip with an open mind. For starters, the duration of the holiday is only one week and the location seems to be far more central, buses and trains are vastly available at our leisure. There are plenty of excursions and adventures to explore. As you can tell, I am fairly ecstatic about this trip. I love traveling to different places with a passion. I have therefore decided to write a few blog posts on this prospectively wonderful trip!

  Before going abroad; packing is a must! I have decided to lightly pack as the weather will be hot and I will have plenty of opportunities to shop and bring home some special souvenirs. (Fact of the day, the word souvenir comes from the French verb "Souvenir" to remember)!

I have taken a few photos of some of the clothes that I shall be taking with me on this trip!

This first outfit is what I intend on wearing tomorrow on the plane. Seeing as the weather is also warm here there isn't any trouble wearing summer clothing before the flight also!

                                              Kimono: Pinky (Waterford) €20 
                                              Coral Tank Top: Lidl xD
                                              Floral Shorts: Bershka
                               Gladiators: Joan's boutique, Bagenalstown (now closed) 

A bikini is an essential for a holiday, particularly if you intend on going swimming. I picked this gorgeous blue with bits of greens, yellows and purples with a yellow strap up in dunnes stores for €8. In my mind this is a bargain, bearing in mind it wasn't on sale.

Crop tops and bralets are my absolute favourites! I can't afford to leave these at home. I think they can be paired with anything honestly, from leggings, to pants, to shorts to skirts! I couldn't afford to leave these three babies behind!

                                                     Denim bralet:
                                            Black leather-look bralet:
                                      Bralet with red and green spotted pattern: H&M

Kimonos are currently my true love! I have had a slight obsession with them since they've been on trend! However I wanted to have something different to the rest of the teenagers in Kilkenny who have been buying theirs in Penneys (not that they aren't fabulous! I just wanted to be different.). This vibrant floral kimono really screams summer at its spectators. I took the liberty in purchasing this kimono along with the one displayed in my flight outfit! I was in Waterford recently where in this newly discovered shop "Pinky", everything was an absolute bargain,  €20 for every item except for t-shirts which were cheaper. If you are in Waterford in the foreseeable future, I highly recommend you visit "Pinky"!!!

A light white dress  is necessary for the blaring sun. I bought this dress a long time ago in "Penneys" and it is still one of my go-to dresses in the heat!

                                                                  Skirt :

                                                          Blue Shorts:
                                                          Black Crochet Shorts: H&M

                                                      Grey T-shirt : Penneys, 3 euro
                                                     Lace see-through top : Penneys
                                                      Beach Life Top : River Island

 These glorious four inch heels are the shoes in which I am intending on wearing to my debs. They were bought again in "Pinky" for 20 quid! I'm taking them with me because they are stunning, classy and quite frankly I need practice walking in them if I think I can survive the night on August 25th.


So these are the clothes I am bringing with me abroad. This does not include my pajamas or anything. Are you going on holidays anytime soon? Let me know! I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I'm not exactly sure if I'm any good at this kind of thing!

See you soon,
Lots of love,
x x x x x

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  1. Your outfits are absolutely gorgeous! I love the crop tops and that kimono! I love kimonos! Thank you so much for reminding me about the adapter, I forgot about that! Hope you had loads of fun! :)

    Rebecca | Blog

    1. Awh thank you :3 Crop tops and kimonos are my life. Yeah no problem, a lot of people forget.


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