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On Saturday, July 19th, I blissfully departed to Italy with my family. I was unaware of how beautiful this place would be. I have hence decided to write a blog post sharing my experiences of this place with you! This was a package trip organised by Thomson or Crystal (nobody was really sure of the proper name of the organisation). Honestly, I thought it was really good value for money as they have given me an experience that will be eternally cherished and never forgotten. I arrived at midnight on Saturday (or Sunday!) and therefore I do not count Saturday as my first day on holiday!

GIORNO 1: Sunday!

 Sunday was used for relaxing and getting-to-know our surroundings. Early that morning, we had a set-up meeting with our holiday adviser Nick. Unfortunately, we were twenty minutes late for the meeting which had an abundance of other eager tourists wishing to explore Lake Garda. We were lucky enough to meet up with Nick and the remainder of the group at a later stage. After he showed us around the place and advised us of places where discounts were available, we briskly decided which tours we wanted to go on and booked them with the aid of Nick. After the tour, we returned to the hotel (Hotel Eden for those curious) for a well deserved chill out time. We had drinks as we sunbathed by the pool and eventually I found the courage to have a dip in the cool pool!

Later that evening, I went with my mum and dad to do some further exploring. On our travels we met the friendliest cat ever! The cat took a liking to us and gleefully rolled around on the ground as I managed to take some photos of him! Afterwards, we stopped at Hotel-Ala-Torre where I had a strawberry daiquiri, one of my favourite cocktails!

GIORNO 2 : Monday!

Monday greeted us foully with showers of rain which were expected the night before! We therefore had to leave the hotel on our trip to Gardaland later than we had originally anticipated. If my dad hadn't paid in advance for the bus tickets as well as the park ticked, I wouldn't have gone at all!

I am no good at getting on rollercoasters! It's not that I don't want to. Adrenaline and fear build up in my head to the extent where I am physically unable to go on a ride. I sat outside of the area for Raptor, a terrifying rollercoaster which went in all sorts of directions, sobbing! I eventually went on a few rides, not quite as scary! There's always a next time! If you are fearless (unlike myself), I believe you'll enjoy it!


On Tuesday we went on a tour to Venice, or  Venice by night as we were there from the afternoon to the evening. Venice is an absolutely stunning place with beautiful architecture that must be seen by all! We headed by coach, and then took a boat to Venice.

                                                                  Gondola Boat

                                         Ice Cream (Chocolate, Cookie and Mango flavours)

                                                                    Rialto Bridge

While in Venice, my family and I got a ride on a gondola, a beautiful black boat which is worth 50,000 euros! The ride was tranquil and beautiful as I took in  the gorgeous sights of Venice and grasped a sense of the atmosphere of the place.

I am a great lover of Ice-cream! I tried different types of it on the trip. I was ecstatic when I saw an ice cream place that was self service! The price was taken by weight and therefore the choice was abundant. I got a taste of chocolate, Mango and Cookie flavours alongside sprinkles and syrup!

Lastly we saw the Rialto bridge, a famous bridge of Venice. I also  bought a magnet of Venice in a nearby stall there because I have this insanely weird obsession with collecting magnets of places I've been!

GIORNO 4: Wednesday!

On Wednesday we took a tour of the whole Lake Garda. We made many stops to places such as Limone, Sirmione, Riva de Garda etc. The sights were incredible, hard to take in at times. I also tried a typical Italian Apple spritzer drink that day! Unluckily, it didn't appeal to my taste buds! My dad enjoyed it immensely nonetheless!

GIORNO 5: Thursday!

                                         If you touch Juliet's breast you will be lucky in Love!

                                                                 Juliet's Balcony!
                                                        Love messages by Juliet's House!

I was very excited to go to Verona, the city of love and setting of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet! The day was nasty with rain showers which had put me in a bad mood! The weather can impact my mood terribly! Nonetheless I persevered and got through the day! It eventually dried up! We were given a guided trip by a lovely woman whose voice was musical and easy to listen to! Verona is simply magnificent with lovely architecture and is often referred to as Mini-Rome! I think this is primarily because of the Arena that resembles the Colosseum! While there I got to see the Capulate's house and Juliet's balcony as well as the statue of Juliet. This place was surrounded by love locks, predominantly placed by teenagers on the gate and love messages scribbled on the walls under the arch way! We also saw what is said to be Romeo's house although sources are not 100% percent sure!

After our guided tour we had free time to eat and I made a few purchases in Bershka!  

GIORNO  6: Friday!

                                                           Me and Otzi the Iceman!
                                                            The Cable Car station!
                                                                   Ice Cream!
                                                         My brothers and myself!
                                                          The Earth Pyramids (Renon)

Friday was undoubtedly the best of all the days! On Friday we headed to Bolzano and Renon! Bolzano is a beautiful town! In my personal opinion the shopping facilities were excellent, I didn't have enough time to go to all the shops I wanted to go to! I did go to H&M nonetheless and made some purchases from the sale! The most fascinating thing in Bolzano was the museum we went to, the south tyrol museum of archaeology! In this museum an Ice Man, named Otzi (a common Austrian name) was stored! I am not normally a museum person, but the story of this 5000 year old man discovered in 1991 simply fascinated me! I also was thrilled to be taller than the man who is 154cm tall!!!

After the museum tour, we were given some free time. Time that was spent eating pizza! Then we headed to the cable car station to head uphill to Renon! I feel so privileged to have gotten the chance to go on a cable car! It is something I have only dreamed of doing since a very young age. The views from the cable car were breath taking.

When we arrived in Renon, a place in where the Dolomite Mountains were in view, we had ice cream and went for a walk! The views again were fantastic! I can't stress that enough! I also saw the earth pyramids and got a photo taken with my siblings!

GIORNO 7: Saturday!

This was the day of a reluctant departure! Italy is so incredible and beautiful! I wish I was there right now!

Have you been abroad this year or ever? Let me know and tell me about your experiences!

See you soon,
Lots of love,
x x x x x

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