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I have an interest in food, so much that I have applied to do a degree in Food Science in university this September. I figured that I should write a few blog posts on food due to this interest of mine. Something that many Irish people are not  getting enough of (as well as sunshine!) is fruit and veg. Most don't consume their well needed five a day!

I am personally a lover of fruit. I love the sweet flavours and could eat them on a continually! When summer started, I began to make my very own fresh smoothies and consume more fruit! On days where I didn't have time for the little time of preparation, I simply just piled fruit into a bowl and eat them as solid rather than blended.

In the following blog post I am going to reveal my secrets to making nice smoothies. There are an abundance of ways to make these drinks. Some prefer to add a mixture of fruit and veg. I, on the other hand have a sweet tooth a prefer fruit smoothies. I hope you enjoy and learn something new from the post guys!


 I have five essential ingredients to my smoothies (one of which is forgotten in the photos, silly me!). They are yoghurt, Bananas, Strawberries, Orange Juice, and honey. I believe that the bananas and the honey give the smoothie a certain sweetness that balances out the intense flavour of the strawberries. The yoghurt adds to the consistency of the smoothie. Finally the orange juice allows a thick smoothie to be thinner! You could leave your smoothie like that, but normally I add a lot more fruit. It is vital to eat your  5 a day!

These are the extra fruits I added to my smoothie; blueberries, grapes, melon and watermelon!

I use a handheld blender to mix fruit together. My blender is a Gordon Ramsey one, most likely bought in Argos! I simply mix the fruit together by placing them in a bowl and blending them with this tool!

This is the final product. If you wish to enhance them you can cool them in the freezer or fridge. Another cool idea is to freeze the yoghurt or strawberries slightly to make the smoothie very refreshing. 

Hope you liked this blog post! 

Do you guys have any tips?
I'd love to know. 

Love you lots.
See you soon.
Ellen x x x

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  1. That smoothie looks delish! I wish you nothing but the best next week in your results :)
    More Healthy recipes posts please

    Jennos Health.

    1. Trust me my smoothies are yum! Thanks for wishing me good luck. I'm nervous but I should be fine :) I'll probably be posting a meal post on Monday! XD


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